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Modernism, Модернизм

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Modernism is a term used to describe the art and literature of the period from about 1910 to 1940, covering writers such as T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Virginia Woolf, W.B. Yeats and Ford Madox Ford. The modernists experimented with the form and language of literature, turning away from the conventions of realism which had dominated European literature throughout the nineteenth century. Modernist literature tends to emphasise the cross-fertilisation of cultures and the increased fragmentation of perception in the modern world. In order to represent a world growing ever more complex, disparate and difficult to know, writers experimented with forms of literary representation. Rejecting traditional realist forms of narrative and poetic structure, modernist writers investigated the means of representing the inner perceptions of human consciousness. In Ulysses, for example, Joyce experimented with punctuation, rhythm, allusion and narrative perspective in order to represent the thoughts and perceptions of the mind. Although this experimentation is more evident in later works like Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, Joyce's Dubliners can also be considered a work of modernist literature. For instance, in the first three stories of Dubliners, the perceptions, feelings and thoughts of the boy-narrators are made clear through the use of interior monologues. Of course, Dubliners is also modernist in its emphasis on the urban landscape as the setting, and indeed the subject, of all the stories.
Modernist literature focused heavily on experiences of the city space, and the result on conceptions of human life and communication of living in urban centres. The implication of modernist representations of the city is that city life produces a heightened consciousness of the relationships between individuals, and of the diversity and multiplicity of social and cultural experiences (Britannica).

Лекция, реферат. Modernism, Модернизм - понятие и виды. Классификация, сущность и особенности. 2018-2019.

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